Western Calligraphy Styles

Foundation Hand

Being easy to read, it's a great choice for anything that needs to look elegant but also legible, such as an address on an invitation.

Italic Hand

This is the basis for the modern Italic typeface. It's also so easy to read, making it both, practical and fancy.

Roman Writing

This simple hand is a good choice for official-looking documents, anything using Roman numerals, and items that you want to look antique. Since it doesn't include lowercase letters, it isn't particularly versatile.

Copperplate Script

Delicate and extremely elegant, Copperplate Script is a beautiful style of calligraphy. Copperplate Script isn't quite as legible as Italic Hand or Foundation Hand, so it may not be the best choice for addresses or other items that need to be read quickly. However, it's easier to read than many other options and would be ideal for a special invitation.

Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy

Li Shu (Clerical Style)

By the Han Dynasty, Li Shu became popular as a writing style. During the four hundred years of history of the Han Dynasty, calligraphers created many beautiful works of Li Shu. A lot of calligraphy teachers agree that students may start learning Chinese calligraphy directly from Li Shu. The basic reasoning is that Li Shu is easy to learn and it can be preparatory to Zuan Shu.

Zuan Shu (Seal Style)

The famous Tang Dynasty writer, Han Yu, has published a long poetic eulogy in praise of this style. It looks solid and stable. The principles of brushstrokes are very similar between Li Shu and Zuan Shu.

Tsao Shu (Running Style)

Tsao Style is generally considered the most difficult among all major Chinese calligraphy styles. The main feature of Tsao Shu is to simplify the left sidepiece (radical) of a character and focus on the right sidepiece.

Basic Calligraphy Supplies

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